Comparative analysis of the performance and principle of traditional UV lamp and UV LED lamp technol

1. Cold light source, no thermal radiation, low temperature rise on the surface of the illuminated object, solving the long-t...

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The imbalance between LED supply and demand will continue to be the current development status of UV

In response to the rapid changes in the market, the LED industry has adjusted its organization and strategic direction in rec...

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UV LED fluorescence detection

Fluorescence detection is a natural luminescence reaction, through the reaction of luciferase and ATP, it can detect human ce...

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FCOG coating UV light curing

FCOG technology is the combination of chip flipping and heating, using molten tin lead ball and ceramic board. This technolog...

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UVB ultraviolet light therapy instrument application

What is vitiligo? Vitiligo is a white spot or patch with depigmentation. Surrounded by normal skin. Depigmentation spots vary...

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